Posted by: mindyourknitting | April 27, 2009

Hello Interweb! Some notes from the novice.

Several things have happened lately to make my vague interest in blogging turn into a burning desire to have my very own blog, and I’ll probably discuss several of these in upcoming posts if my dedication to this blog lasts longer than my dedication to actual knitting.  I love the idea of having a forum for expressing opinions on things going on in my life and the world in general, and I have also been struck by the amazing power of this internet thingy to connect, support, educate, and comfort in surprising and incredibly helpful ways. 

The idea of community takes on a whole new meaning and assumes endless possibilities when the internet is in the mix, which strikes me as wonderful.  This is especially the case when you’re stuck at home with a 9-month old for most of the day, and that 9-month old is not so much with the conversation.  When I started dancing around the idea of starting a blog, my husband asked if this blog would focus mainly on motherhood and the baby.  While it is inevitable that I will write about both of these things, I’m hoping it goes beyond that…but there is so much commonality in the experience of parents, and so much information and wisdom to be shared (mostly in the direction from you to me) that I think it’s okay to dwell a bit on the little critters too.  So we’ll see where all this goes.


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