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Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning out the garden beds in our backyard.  Last year was our first year in this house, and I didn’t do much to the gardens except clean them up a bit and pull things out that I didn’t want spreading.   Last spring, after we bought the house but before we took possession,  I met the mother of the previous owner at a baby shower thrown by her other daughter for a mutual friend of ours (got that?).  This woman raved about the work her daughter had put into the gardens, and how much I was going to love them.  When we moved in I was horrified to find that all of the gardens, front and back, were a big green jungle that looked like overgrown weeds to me.  I’m sure they were actually expensive, non-flowering perennials, but I ripped most of them out anyway.  I’m not a fan of shrubbery.  Last year I left mostly what I recognized (lilies, tulips, etc.) and this year I thought the spring clean-up would be mainly raking and weeding and throwing in some annuals and herbs.  But once I got out there, garden gloves on and tools in hand, I wanted to completely clean it out.  I wanted to napalm all of the plants that I left in place last year, with very few exceptions (lilies, tulips, etc.).  These could stay, but little else:


Part of this need to slash and burn was probably my anger at having to rake leaves out of the garden (note to previous owners of this house: planting trees and flowers practically on top of each other is a very, very bad idea).  But a big part of it was a desire to have a clean slate.  I didn’t get as much work done as I had anticipated because suddenly I was hacking at root systems, and I blame this on Spring.  Spring has made me want to press the reset button on a bunch of things lately.  I’m sure many Canadians fall prey to this feeling, since we are long over winter before it’s done with us.  There’s a reason we see people on the streets of Ottawa in shorts in ten degree weather in April – we can’t stand to put on our winter coats.  One. More. Time.  Right around October we get excited at the prospect of our cozy winter coats and kicky scarves, but by February we want to murder someone if one more goddamn snowflake falls.

Where was I?  Right, Spring Fever.  I guess this blog is part of that desire for something new and fresh.  As is my (sort of) desire to get to work on my thesis, which I’ve only been picking at for a long time now.  I love not having to bundle myself and the kid up to go outside, and this had led to a renewed dedication to leg shaving and spa appointments (yes, what a sacrifice).  I’ve tried to organize something to do almost every day because I feel like I waste so much time sitting at home in front of the computer (ha) or the tv, and both the baby and I are not good at the shut-in lifestyle (her less than me).   I’m sure this will soon pass and I’ll be back to being best friends with the tube, but in the meantime our PVR is earning its rental fee.  The only way I can explain this is Springtime.

When presented with this in your garden, through absolutely no effort on your part (seriously none – I haven’t even turned on the outside water, or weeded here), how can you not be kind of awed by the power of something to just grow?



I’m just realizing how hokey and new-agey and granola this sounds, and now I am grasping for something witty and cynical to say to preserve my street cred.  Oh well, fuck it.  I blame this pollyanna outlook on Spring and I’m sure it won’t last.  But in the meantime, here’s a cute picture of my kid, and have a great day.

abby in sun april091

See, she too has the wanderlust.



  1. Dear Trista,

    Oh, my God, how much do I love this blog. I don’t have a child, but your snarkiness is just terrific to read.

    See you soon … in a couple of weeks! How is Monday sometime (the 25th)? Could you meet me up at the campus?


  2. Hi Claire, thanks! Yes to all of the above – e-mail me and let me know what works for you & what you had in mind. Looking forward to seeing you!

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