Posted by: mindyourknitting | May 23, 2009

The Girls

Recently a close relative of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is in the early stages and we are very hopeful, but at a minimum she has surgery ahead of her (in a couple of days, actually) and possibly follow-up treatment like radiation or chemotherapy.  In recent years breast cancer has received a lot of attention as a “cause.”  There are the ubiquitous pink ribbons, and fund-raising walks and runs, and celebrity support.  I have been guilty of saying that perhaps it has received an unfair share of the attention given to charities and causes when there are so many other diseases and conditions deserving of money and support, and many of those affect women more often than breast cancer, particularly in the over-55 female demographic (heart disease, anyone?).  Perhaps it’s a type of emotional donor fatigue, but I genuinely got a little tired of having attention focused on my boobs.  Not that kind of attention.  The “do you do a regular breast self-exam?” kind of attention.  But I’ve come to realize that I can’t take the tatas for granted.  (Before I get know-it-all comments from my readers (okay, reader), I know breast cancer can occur in  men.  It just overwhelmingly happens in those of us with the goods out front – according to stats on the website of the Canadian Cancer Society only 1% of breast cancers occur in men).  Survival rates have improved greatly over the last 20 years or so, but it still affects thousands of women every year.  I can’t pretend it’s not my problem when I have breast cancer in my family, and two other female members of my family have had benign lumps removed.  And I have a daughter.  And it should have been a big deal to me before all of that anyway.
Find a cure before I grow boobs.

Find a cure before I grow boobs.

 So I’m going to request an early mammogram (can’t wait for that squishy goodness).  The worst that can happen is that I’m refused, because forty, when I believe routine mammogram-aming starts, is pretty far off (okay, shut up, not that far off…but still…).  But  it can’t hurt to make the request, and I should be the first and best advocate for my health.  For more information about breast cancer, consult the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.



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