Posted by: mindyourknitting | June 3, 2009

I fear for the next generation (or rather, I fear the next generation)

I found the following blog through a post by Her Bad Mother (read her, she’s awesome).  Check out  The Little Criminal: A Child’s Guide to Crime.  I’m pretty sure Abigail reads it, and is taking notes.

A longer post is forthcoming by the end of the weekend, but I’ve been busy chasing my now-crawling baby around and trying to anticipate what needs baby-proofing (I’m usually wrong).  She has a new love for heating grates, so that’s fun since we’ve heard several stories of severed (okay, sliced) baby digits thanks to these death-holes in every room.  Abigail has also figured out how to pull open drawers and pull stuff out of them.  If she had bigger pockets in her tiny pants she’d be pilfering stuff by now, I’m sure.  How exactly do you put drawer latches on drawers that have no cross-bars to hook them under?  No, that is not a trick question.   I took history in school, peeps, not carpentry.



  1. If it makes you feel any better I took a penny from my folks and melted it in an electrical socket when I was small.. and I turned out ok 🙂

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