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Our baby has always had what you would call sensitive skin.  So we pamper her with the pricey-ish Aveeno baby products and hope for the best (mama has downgraded her skin stuff to cheapo Dove as a result, *sigh*).  But over the last few weeks she’s had outbreaks that don’t seem to want to totally clear up, which has resulted in a couple of conversations with our doctor and one trip to an evening walk-in clinic to make sure it wasn’t a food reaction or some such thing.  Nope, they told us, just eczema.  Use a bit of Cortate, or not, and moisturize the crap out of it.  So we did.  And it got worse, although it was usually isolated to her back and her poor cheeks, which take a beating from all the drool/food/wiping/faceplants they endure.  And then, over the past week, she developed sort of round spots on her belly and arms, so I took her to our family doctor today to get it checked out.  He took one look at her and figured out that, although she is still troubled by eczema in some areas, there was something else going on. 

Now, I really think that anytime a doctor delivers the news that your kid has ringworm, he should preface that by saying that there are no actual WORMS involved.  Since I didn’t know that, all I heard was “****WORM” and was thisclose to freaking out, which obviously our doctor could see, since he very quickly told me that it’s a fungal infection (like THAT’s better) that it is very common in childhood and she’s fine and is going to be fine and we’re fine and everything will be fine.  He prescribed a topical cream and sent us on our way.  Apparently this gets passed between kids a lot (cripes, another thing I was totally ignorant of, and what’s this hand and foot disease now?), and I suspect that either the community swimming pool or the playgroups* at the community centre are to blame.  I am more than happy to blame someone else’s germy, fungus-laden kid for this, since nobody I know has it (or do you?). 

The most fun part of this diagnosis was having to call friends with kids we’ve seen recently to tell them to check their kids for ringworm.  Good times.  I bet we’ll be really popular in the coming weeks.  The good news is that once treatment is started (as of earlier today) she isn’t contagious.  Really.  Apparently she could go back to school once treatment’s started, if she had one to go to.  Don’t shun my baby.

And in case you think there’s a pox on my babe, here’s a picture from the past few days to show you that she’s still as adorable as usual:


Hmm, how will history remember me?  Patient Zero?  Infectious Abby?

Hmm, how will history remember me? Patient Zero? Infectious Abby?

And these just make me laugh, since Abigail is so, so fascinated by our Wii Fit (and the bathroom scale, which probably means we have some work to do on body image issues when she gets older…oh wait, she’s a girl, so of course we do):

For me?

For me?


Feel the burn!

Feel the burn!


I'm giddy from the endorphins!

I'm giddy from the endorphins!

I have to admit, though, after coming home from the doctor’s, my husband and I lobbed lame jokes at each other about how we’re bad parents because we let our baby become fungused.  Seriously, how could this happen?  We keep her pretty damn clean, and would have noticed any visible mould on her.  And then, to top this day off, Abigail crawled into a door (or something, I may not have been staring directly at her when it happened) and got a big scratch on her forehead.  So when I got her ready for bed after her bath, I had to use moisturizing baby lotion, diaper rash cream, the cortisone/anti-fungal concoction, and Polysporin – so much for minimizing her exposure to creams/lotions/soaps etc. and letting her baby skin exist au naturel.  Make me feel like a better parent by sharing your not-so-stellar parenting moments with me.  Please.

*Yup, I’ve caved and taken Abigail to a couple of playgroups at nearby community centres, despite what I said here.  It’s called desperation borne of having a child who needs to be entertained by more than a set of car keys and her frazzled mother.  I still leave before *shudder* circle time.  It’s all a little too Stepford Mommy for me, but never say never.



  1. Oh, the joys of parenthood! Chalk it up to another good story to bring out to torment her when she’s older…”Remember the time you had ringworm?” LOL She is cute as a button, as always and M&D are doing the best job ever!!!

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