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I know I’m a little late for a Father’s Day-themed post, but I was lazy waiting until Erik received his gift from Abigail, so that I wouldn’t ruin the surprise by posting a picture of it here:


This looks like a job for Superman.

This looks like a job for Superman.

Abigail got her dad Superman cuff links because a) her daddy’s never met a french cuff he didn’t like; b) he’s a huge nerd for all that comic book/superhero stuff; and c) he really is the heart and hero of our little family.

We found out I was pregnant on New Year’s Eve, 2007.  After a fuzzy result from a cheapo 2-for-1 Walmart pregnancy test, I sent Erik to the corner pharmacy to buy the Cadillac of all pee sticks because I really, really needed to know one way or the other (I had champagne plans for that night, you see).   We were a bit shocked to get a positive result since it was soon after we started trying to conceive, but we were also overjoyed, despite my champagne-less New Year’s.  Erik called the baby “ERJU” until we found out we were having a girl (okay, even after that).  That’s right, “ERIK JUNIOR.”  Everyone except me was certain we were having a boy – of course I knew we were having a girl – and I was even asked by some if Erik was disappointed our baby wasn’t a boy.  But I knew better.  He cried in the good way when we found out we were having a daughter, and when we landed in the hospital without clothes that would fit Her Royal Tinyness he went out and bought a tiny pink preemie sleeper (I cried).  He cried when she was born, and says that her first cries were the best sounds he has ever heard.  There was a lot of crying in general, apparently.

I think you don’t really know what kind of father your husband or partner will be until he becomes one, but I never had any doubts that my husband would be an amazing daddy for our little girl.  My husband is a good man with a big heart.  He’s the guy who brings flowers and small gifts just because, who proposes in Paris, and who never overlooks a special occasion.  He’s romantic and traditional, but also thoroughly modern and liberal-thinking.  I know how lucky I am.  And when we had our daughter his heart expanded to envelop her, too.  He is a wonderful dad, and will provide a great example of how a real man should behave towards others, especially women.

The unexpected part of this has been seeing how much Abigail loves her daddy, too.  Her first word (technically her first vocalization of multiple syllables that can be interpreted as a word, but who’s counting) was “dada”.  And as much as I chafed at that fact (oh she says Mama now, but it usually sounds something like “Maaaaammmm” Yes Abigail? “Maaammmm” Yes Abigail? “Maaaaammmmm”), I hope that her Dada continues to be so important to her. 

Imparting words of wisdom (or negotiating the return of his hat).

Imparting words of wisdom (or negotiating the return of his hat).

He’s been there every step of the way, doing almost everything I’ve done to care for Abigail (I let him off the hook for nursing), taking over bathtime almost entirely, and wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. This is tough for him (and me too) because for several months of the year he works hellish hours which means that some days I get twelve uninterrupted hours of baby time, but I know he would rather be at home with us (or at least I try to remember this – did I mention the all-baby all-the-time days?).  All of these things have showed me what type of dad Erik is, but his basic character is what is going to make him a great guide, shoulder, crutch, cheerleader, advisor, and whatever else our daughter needs, in the years to come.  I know he would do anything for her, from taking a bullet to changing a diaper.  Although he says I have to have the “period talk” with her.

 I am excited to see how my husband is going to handle a teenage daughter, since, when it comes to prospective suitors for our Abigail,  he’s already made plans that involve baseball bats and shotguns for those boys down the street.  Recently there was a news item about teenagers and sex on television, and  I said that if Abigail came to me as a teenager and wanted to go on birth control I would take her to the doctor.  He nodded sagely and said he would take her to a convent.  This should be interesting.

Happy Father’s Day every day from your wife and daughter.



  1. Dammit now I’m crying too. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Dad. We are lucky ladies Trista, especially as I remember most of the toads.

  2. Yes, Darryl and I agree that you are both lucky ladies. 🙂

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