Posted by: mindyourknitting | August 6, 2009

Of course you realize…this means war.

He didn’t get the memo:

What's Up Doc?

What's up, Doc?



  1. uhm Trista? Do ya need a lawn mower? 🙂

    You know, don’t waste your time on a live trap, I know someone who tried that, finally caught the bunny after a month, drove 5 km away to let him free in the “country” only to let him go & have him jump out in front of the only car on the road.
    moral of the story: eat the f*cker

  2. Hahaha I was waiting for someone to comment on the horrendously long grass! I think this picture shamed Erik into finally cutting the grass – he put 5 yard waste bags out on the curb this week and has vowed to cut the lawn weekly from now on. In our defence we’ve had a huge amount of rain, I don’t cut grass, and my husband works some stupid hours sometimes. But still, it really got out of hand and I’m sure our neighbours hated us.

    • I thought about commenting on the grass, but I haven’t met Erik yet, so I figured I’d not start that war with him…once we’ve met though, it’s game on…

  3. […] wind blows the right way).   Until now the most threatening animals in the area were some very persistent rabbits.  People from our neighbourhood were interviewed about coyote sightings and missing pets, and […]

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