Posted by: mindyourknitting | August 30, 2009

I have to worry about COYOTES now??

The other morning CBC Radio 1 had a news story about our little suburban neighbourhood, which I thought was kind of cute until they got to the part about the coyotes. We live in a suburban neighbourhood that is perhaps a little more rural than metropolitan, but we’re not completely in the sticks (I can be in the middle of the downtown core  in fifteen minutes, if there’s no traffic and the wind blows the right way).   Until now the most threatening animals in the area were some very persistent rabbits.  People from our neighbourhood were interviewed about coyote sightings and missing pets, and then some sort of wildlife expert was interviewed and said the problem was being “managed.”  And then the interviewer tried to get the interviewee to admit that “managed” was a euphemism for “murdered.”  AWKWARD.    People were advised to keep their pets indoors, and I thought, “no problem, the cats don’t go outside. … But wait, I do have a BABY that goes outside.  My BABY goes outside where there are coyotes.  And the coyotes would be especially drawn to our house because of our co-habitating rabbits.”  So for the last few days I’ve had “A dingo ate my baby!” running through my head and I’m afraid that she’s going to get EATEN while I’m at work.  And the howling yesterday did nothing to ease my mind, even if Erik is convinced it was just a dog.

Speaking of wildlife, on Wednesday Abigail and I went to the Papanak Zoo with my friend Kelsey and her son Gideon.  (How’s that for a segue-way?!)

Kelsey & Gideon

Kelsey & Gideon

We were lucky to get a gorgeous day, so we strapped the kids into the carseats (don’t they look happy!) and drove to the zoo.

There was a lot of screaming after this picture was taken.

There was a lot of screaming after this picture was taken.

We walked around the outdoor zoo for a couple of hours and saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my, among many other animals.  The habitats are well maintained, but it was a bit depressing to see an Arctic Wolf huddled in the shade in thirty-degree weather.  But I won’t get all political about zoos here, mainly because I don’t have strong political feelings one way or another about zoos (I reserve my strong political feelings for important things, like why federal public servants don’t get the provincial “family day” as a statutory holiday…all politics are personal, right?) …  what was I saying?  Right, here are some pictures of the animals and the babies – see if you can tell the difference.

Pacing Tiger

Pacing Tiger, Crappy Picture.

Would you like some contraband Cheerios, donkey?

Would you like some contraband Cheerios, donkey?

Playful Bears

Playful Bears

Snacktime at the zoo

Feeding time at the zoo.

Um, anyone know what this is?

Does anyone know what this is?

 I can’t believe tomorrow is my first day of work after maternity leave.  It’s been a wonderful, if tiring, thirteen months and I have been incredibly lucky to have this time to be home with my daughter.  I’m not looking forward to leaving her all day, but I’m so glad we did things like going to the zoo (and Nova Scotia, the Glengarry Highland Games, etc.).    I don’t feel like I wasted a day with her, and we’ll continue to drag her to events and places long after she’s old enough to protest because it’s boring and uncool and we suck.  I have posts coming about our trip to the NICU to deliver the parent care kits and our experiment in small-scale local eating, and probably some whining about going back to work, but this is all for now.


  1. There was lots of talk about the coyotes on the RS forums this winter…guess they tend to be bolder when there is less readily available food to hunt.

    Good luck with your first day back tomorrow!

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