Posted by: mindyourknitting | October 23, 2009


You’ll likely see some changes around here over the next few days, and not all of them will be permanent.  I’d like to change the layout a bit,  update my Library page, links/blogroll (so if you have any suggestions for inclusion, please let me know), and add some stuff to the new “Junk Drawer” page.  I’ll also be playing around with the options WordPress provides, and I hope I don’t screw anything up too royally.  I’m hoping for a bit of tech support from an old friend on that one, so here’s hoping he checks his e-mail (please, help a sister out!).  The alternative is to read the blog-hosting-site-related forums for advice, and frankly I’d rather self-tattoo my blog posts on my lily white butt.  If things look a bit wonky at your next visit to Mind Your Knitting, just click away from here and come back a bit later.  It’ll be like it never happened.  And if all goes well, everything will be shiny and new and I’ll have a real post up by the weekend’s end.

And I’m going to throw this out to you – is there anything you’d like to see more/different/less of here?  No, you cannot say ME.


  1. More pics of that super cute kid. I need my pink/girlie fix in my house o’testosterone 🙂

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