Posted by: mindyourknitting | October 25, 2009


So here it is – the new (and improved?) Mind Your Knitting.  I think I managed not to lose anything, since a switch of layout is actually pretty idiot-proof.  I’d love to know what you think.  Do you like this incarnation?  Did you prefer the old one?  Is this one easier to read?  I’ve updated and added to the links so there’s a lot of good stuff for you to peruse over there on the sidebar.  I’ve updated The Library, and added my first item to The Junk Drawer, thanks to some tipsy tech support from Matt at Wakkanew..  Let me know if anything looks wonky (yes, I am sure that’s the technical term for it).

And for Labcoat Loser, here ya go.  For those of you who are tired of seeing pictures of my kid, well this is going to suck for you:


Yes, she usually is this happy.


Four out of five dentists agree she is the prettiest baby ever. The fifth dentist is blind.

Four out of five dentists agree she is the prettiest baby ever. The fifth dentist has had an unfortunate accident.


Now I’m off to bed since it is after midnight and once again I’ve paid no attention to the fact that I’m chronically tired and usually go to bed far too late.  But there’s been about three hours of documentary on Monty Python on tv tonight, so how could I sleep??  Sundays are my day to sleep in, which would be great except we have plans that involve me answering the door, showered and dressed, by 9:30am tomorrow.  So off I go – hope you enjoy the new look.


  1. I have already forgotten how I stumbled across your blog, but I’ve enjoyed reading it and will keep reading it for the following reasons:

    1. My fiance is Scottish, and we lived there for a while, and we want to go back.

    2. I am also a perpetual student, though I’ve been out for a few years now and am already itching to go back for a PhD.

    3. I just finished Echo in the Bone. Sometimes I think Jamie Fraser is a real impediment to my relationship. My fiance likes to remind me that he is written by a woman. I like to remind him that all any man has to do is read the books and they will discover the secret: What every woman wants. (Minus all the killing, I guess, this being not quite the century for dirks and swords.)

    4. I also love most of the other books on your list.

    5. You have a cute baby 🙂

    Yeah, so there you have it.

    • Hi Bex! Welcome – it’s nice to know someone other than those bound by friendship or blood is reading & enjoying this blog. I can’t wait to start Echo in the Bone. I went to see Diana Gabaldon at a book signing a few years back here in Ottawa, and the room was packed with women who were a hair’s breadth away from having any real relationship ruined by the ideal of Jamie Fraser…including me 😉

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