Posted by: mindyourknitting | October 27, 2009

My case for hardwood floors; or, the one in which my daughter poops on the rug

A conversation from a few nights ago:

Me: So, I have to tell you about what Abigail did this evening before bed.  It was pretty funny.

 Erik:  Okay….

 Me: Because she’s had such a wicked diaper rash, I thought I would let her run around without a diaper for a bit before her bath tonight.

 Erik:  Okay….

Me: So I let her play in her room for a few minutes – naked – while I got her bath ready.

 Erik: Okay….

 Me: And when I went to get her, she was crouching down, reading a book, and I noticed a little, um, brown, er, pile, under her bum.

 Erik:  *Gives me the google eyes*

 Me:  It wasn’t a big deal, I mean I cleaned it up right away, but yeah, she pooped on the carpet.  And looked pretty pleased with herself too.

Erik:  **crickets**

 For the next few days, one of us would randomly say “I can’t believe she pooed on the carpet,” and we would start laughing while visualizing the kid taking a dump on the carpet while very seriously reading her favourite “Peek-A-Boo” book.  And since I didn’t tell Erik exactly where she pooped, he’s probably Purell-ing his feet on a regular basis.



  1. Mine pooped on the carpet then decided to see what it tasted like. Apparently eating your OWN poop is ok (so said the doc). Oh kids….keeps us smiling!

  2. Oh hahaha that is hiliarious! Sometimes Abigail will do things that just astound me – before I clean it up/tell her no/ prevent her from killing herself /do whatever it is the situation calls for, I stand back and take a moment to wonder how she managed to do whatever it is that she’s done. Today she got her left hand stuck in the opening in the side of the box of diapers. I got her un-stuck, then she put her right hand in. And got it stuck.

  3. […] ask frequently if they need to go, look for physical signs, be prepared for some accidents  (got that one covered), etc., etc.  I don’t know if it will work, and if it doesn’t I’m okay with her […]

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