Posted by: mindyourknitting | November 3, 2009

Papillon Triste

Right on time as usual…here are some belated pictures of our dressed-up house and dressed-up baby from Halloween.  There was a definite drop in the number of trick-or-treaters we got this year compared to last year (Pro: left-over candy, woot!; Con: possible isolation of kidlings due to H1N1 terror), but gawd I love this holiday.  One (among many) of the things I love about my husband is that he’s as nuts about holidays as I am.  Or maybe he just indulges my crazy, but whatever, as long as he comes along for the ride.  He dives whole-heartedly into decorating, dressing up, traditions, ceremonies, meals – whatever a particular holidays requires.  I come by my holiday hyper-enthusiasm honestly, since my parents have done some certifiable holiday-related things over the years.  If I can dig up the pictures of the Giant Pumpkin The Size of a Medium-Sized Child and The Tree That Ate Christmas, I’ll scan them and share.  One of my best Halloween memories is from when I was a teenager, and my dad donned coveralls and  a goalie mask, sat in a rocking chair on our front porch, and scared the living crap out of all but the smallest trick-or-treaters.  He was really, really dedicated to his role.  He sat perfectly still as my cousin Doug approached our front door, and when he launched himself out of the chair my cousin screamed like a little baby girl and ran, while the rest of us (including his own father) hooted and cackled.  It was awesome.

I’ve always thought that if a holiday is worth doing, it’s worth doing big.  Christmas is my hands-down favourite, but Halloween is a close second.  And when we got our hands on our very own house last year, we spent far too much money at the Halloween Superstore (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called) to gussy up our place.  Here’s some pictures from this year:

Bloody hands

The kids love these - they leave fingerprints all over my windows from touching them (yeah, I'll blame the kids).


Yes, I forgot to carve the pumpkin.


Y'all come back next year!

 Naturally, our child doesn’t escape when it comes to using props for our holiday amusement.  Last year she was too little to put up much resistance, so we dressed her up so:


It was this or the Chili Pepper.

 This year we had two choices – a slightly small monkey costume (because she is our little monkey), or what we eventually went with: the Monarch Butterfly.  She wore the costume a few times before Halloween (for my personal amusement, of course) and even wore it the afternoon of Halloween for my husband’s parents with no problem.  But when it came to showtime, we had the saddest, maddest butterfly ever on our hands.


Geez mom, what are you going to do to me next? Take my blankie away??

We tried everything, but she loathed this costume. 


Erik even tried his Blue Steel on her, and - nothing.

Oh well, there’s always next year. 


No sweetie, you don't look silly at all.


  1. Yes, I am also nuts about holidays. You might even say I became a Jew just for the fact that there are, like, a MILLION more holidays to celebrate. Just don’t tell anyone that I still love Christmas best (shhhhhhh!).

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