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The Official (Post) Christmas Post

So I’m just kicking back having a glass of red wine, sort of watching Prince Caspian, relaxing after hosting my best friend and her family for dinner.  After the whirl of activity that was Christmas, it’s really nice to have some down time before heading back to work next Monday.  This is another cheater post in which I substitute some pictures for real text, but we had such a great time over the holidays I want to share these.  We had a very happy Christmas that was both exciting and relaxing, and I hope you did too.  The first things I want to share is, of course, the tree.  It was smaller than I thought it would be, but after moaning about it for a while (if you need details of the moaning, see previous post) I decorated it, and this was the result.  Pretty, yes?: 



This year I got to indulge my passion for baby fashion (okay, that might be overstating it, but she did have some great party dresses this year – her mama, not so much) and dress Abigail up like the doll that she is, since we had a few Christmas parties to attend the week before Christmas.  And she got to wear her silver shoes a lot, so she was pretty happy about that.  There was a trail of silver sparkles everywhere she went… 

Erik and I also got a bit of time out sans bebe over the holidays – we saw the National Arts Centre English theatre company’s production of A Christmas Carol, which was really great.  Apparently this is new, that the NAC has an in-house English theatre company.  They did a great job, and we will try to see something else they put on this winter.  I encourage you to go – it’s always nice to support local artists.  Before Christmas we also went to our friends’ Christmas party and stayed out past 11:00 pm!!  This is noteworthy, trust me.  Last night we went to a Sens vs. Habs game, and my husband moped because his beloved Habs lost (I think there were actually more Montreal jerseys in the Ottawa crowd), but we still had a great time and truthfully I was kind of okay to be spared the “Ole Ole Ole Ole” business…I really hope he doesn’t read that.

We spent Christmas eve and morning at home just the three of us, and Erik and I joined legions of parents everywhere on Christmas eve assembling toys for our little  Boober.  Yes, I have told Erik that this nickname cannot survive puberty, but for now she’s our Boober.  Anyway, this was the scene under our Christmas tree after Santa’s visit:

Disney has made us its bitch.

Erik spent some quality time with an air pump getting that thing inflated – I think if a cat dares to claw it, we’re going to be minus a pet shortly thereafter.  The overload of Disney princesses wasn’t intentional (oh, and I thought the grocery cart was a nice touch – when she’s done pretending to be an animated, idealized princess, she can do household chores like a good girl, ugh – next year I have to be more mindful of this stuff).  But  in the next couple days I’ll explain what my parents got her for Christmas, since it totally balances the gender stereotyping scales, I think.   

Abigail had a present for us too – she had a really good stretch of about four days of sleeping (mostly) through the night until 8:00am, a feat she has never before accomplished.  And now that I’ve written that down, we’re back to the 5:00am wake-up call, I’m sure.   So we all rolled out of bed around 8:00am Christmas morning, had our coffee with Baileys (us, not Abigail – she likes her coffee black), and proceeded to unwrap presents and eat the banana-butterscotch muffins I had baked  for Christmas morning.  And after all that present-opening, what did Abigail play with?  Her blankie and the giraffe she’s had since she was born.  Typical. 

Oh all right, Look At Me, I'm playing with a toy you got me! Happy? Can I have my blankie back now?

And see that Sweet Dreams Abby Cadabby doll in the background?  Adorable, right?  I don’t fucking think so.  That was my gift idea, and while the doll is adorable and sweet, now we have to hide it at nap and bedtime or Abigail insists on having it in her crib, and  plays with it for upwards of 45 minutes before falling asleep.  We hear Abby C. talking about her frog, Prince (agh!  Does Disney own Sesame Street too??), singing songs, reciting rhymes, and just generally being syrupy and saccharine way past the point when Abigail should be asleep.  I should have bought the stuffed, no-frills version.

My husband, as usual, was a superstar when it came to gifts for me.  Among other things, I got a lovely sterling silver charm bracelet, the anniversary edition of one of my favourite movies, The Wizard of Oz, that came with a Wizard of Oz watch with a  green strap – awesome – and a book written by a Dungeons & Dragons high falootin’ sorceress of the third whoozit clan which I can only assume is Erik’s attempt to sway me to the dark side.   But the gift that made me cry – in a good way – was the Abigail 2010 calendar that Erik designed and had printed.  I had no idea, and when I opened it I started to weep, I was so touched that a daddy thinks so much of his daughter that he would spend the time to put this together, and then have it printed not only for me but also for both of our parents.  He chose some of my favourite pictures of her, and I might have to insist that this is an annual tradition now, at least until she’s old enough to hate the idea  and insist we stop or she’ll sue for emancipation.

After a lazy morning at home, we headed to my parents’ house for a big family Christmas dinner.  There were fifteen of us (twelve adults, three kids) shoehorned into my parents’ house, not to mention the sickening number of presents that fifteen people brought, and  it was a great dinner and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Before dinner Erik and my dad took my cousin Hannah and Abigail out to one of the fields to visit Abigail’s horses (yes, we have the bill of sale with our daughter’s name on it; no, we had nothing to do with this; so I’m pretty sure it’s not legally binding…right? Oh crap, are we horse owners?).  

Abigail, Horse Whisperer

Everyone left my parents house Christmas night with full bellies, smiles on their faces, and lots of booty.   I hope that, however or whatever you celebrate, your holidays have  held much the same for you.  From us three, Merry Christmas and happy holidays. 


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