Posted by: mindyourknitting | January 9, 2010


You know how in my last post I gushed about how nice it was to get a break on a major home repair?  I take it all back.  I still have a broken furnace, and now I also have a broken cat.  Erik is still having to do some fate-tempting wire jiggling to restart the furnace periodically, and a phone call to the repair company this morning resulted in a big fat nothing.  They are supposed to schedule a technician and call us to let us know when he’s coming, but since it’s now Friday night at 11:00pm and we haven’t received a return call, I’m not hopeful that this will be dealt with this weekend.  

As for the broken cat, Charlie recently began to display some odd behaviour that I’d rather not get into since it involved cat pee, so I took him to the vet yesterday (after declining an evening vet house call that would have cost an extra $50.00 – we live two minutes from their office) and they decided to keep him overnight to get a “sample.”  I know, ewww.   I would have been more concerned about him being stressed by being away from home overnight except that he stretched out on the exam table to get a belly rub from the vet that had palpated his bladder about two second before.  Charlie, he’s a little bit zen.  I spent last night scrubbing my carpet while he luxuriated in a kitty condo the likes of which he has never seen.  $245.oo and three injections later he’s fine and at home enjoying his new diet of special vet-approved and vet-priced wet cat food (*gag*), acting like the diva that he is.  Seriously, he seems to forget that I took him off the streets, and I can put him back on them. 

Abigail would flip her wig if she saw this.


So, so far my score sheet for 2010 looks like this: 

  • one broken furnace
  • one bloody lip on a baby (there was an unfortunate meeting of tile floor and teeth and lip, which bucks the odds since she still only has two teeth)
  • one broken cat

It’s only eight days into the new year.  This can’t bode well, can it?



  1. Yikes, that isn’t a good start. I spoke to the Karma gods and you’re now due three good things.

  2. Here’s hoping your 2010 has no more broken things! Hey, your kitty looks a lot like mine… and is almost as spoiled!

  3. It can only get better from here!! And I love the new look.

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