Posted by: mindyourknitting | January 14, 2010

I know you’re out there!

It’s official: today is “Delurker Day 2010.”  Who made it official?  I have no idea.  But someone came up with the idea, and someone else designed this nifty drawing, so I totally stole it:

Show me some love!

 I know some people read this blog (Mwahahahahaha, I can see blog stats, ha!), and a few even leave comments.  I read blogs for months before I got the courage to leave a comment on one, and now you can’t shut me up.  Many have tried.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to entice all of you to come out of the shadows and say hi, to “delurk” and tell me what I’m doing right, or what I’m doing wrong, or why you bother reading my ramblings when I’m sure you have more productive things to do with your time.  Or just say hey, I’m here.  You won’t be judged (mostly), and all comments are welcome.


  1. Not so much lurking as discovering, but hello! 🙂

  2. I started a blog, but I’m too lazy to keep up with it… your blog entertains me. You’re very clever. 🙂 And your hubby is a fan, so whenever he posts a link on FB, I mosey on over and read away. You usually give me a chuckle (you have a fab sense of humour), and I enjoy that!

  3. I’ve commented before so you know I’m here! Facebook points me here but I return for the quality and content of the stories. Plus the bonus pictures of Abigail doing lots of cute things 🙂

  4. I can’t even remember how I arrived here, but I liked it so I stayed. Made myself at home and such.

  5. Well I come for many reasons: the laughter, the pics, the correct punctuation (probably not contained in this response) and the fact that I’ve appeared in the odd post. What can I say, I’m a sucker for fame :-))

  6. I’m here! I am not, however, wearing a trenchcoat.

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