Posted by: mindyourknitting | April 12, 2010

Feb-Mar-Apr, Redux: Part the First

It feels like the last few months have sped by, although really we’ve been no busier than usual.  I’m trying to get back on the “regular posting” horse, so when I was trying to figure out what to write about next, I had a look a the pictures I’ve taken over the last few months and realized that we’ve done some really fun things to celebrate the holidays, events, and changing of the seasons that happens in the wasteland between Christmas and summer.  Okay, maybe “wasteland” is an overstatement, but you know what I mean.  So, in quick succession over the next few days, I’m going to share some of those photos and the new traditions we’ve started.

First off: St. Patrick’s Day! 

Now, I’m not Irish, but I’ve always been happy to pretend I was if it meant that I could have a few pints at an Irish pub (okay, maybe that wasn’t just St. Patrick’s Day…).  But since I’ve grown and matured and married and reproduced, I’ve taken to celebrating it in an entirely different fashion.  And by “entirely different” I mean “almost exactly the same except for a few minor changes.”  We met some friends downtown along the route of the Ottawa St. Patrick’s Day parade: 

Stretching the definition of "kid-friendly"

  When the parade started, we lined up along the street to watch the floats. 

Waiting for the parade!

Watching the Parade

  There were many interesting floats and features, including police marching bands, a live-action reenactment of Finnegan’s Wake, the Shawarma King in a bubble-topped car,  more horses than you could shake a stick at (including a horse-drawn carriage carrying a man in a large fur coat, sponsored by  roofing, sheet metal, and mechanical contractors), chinese dragons, and this guy: 

It's a leprechaun! Oh, nope, it's the Mayor of Ottawa!

  And last but  not least, a whole fleet of Star Wars characters.  

Erik and Abigail with the traditional St. Patrick's Day Darth Vader

 Admittedly the parade was a bit thin on “traditional” Irish floats (unless you count that everyone was wearing green, even the Shawarma King).  But once Boba Fett came our way, that hardly mattered. 

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