Posted by: mindyourknitting | April 12, 2010

Feb-Mar-Apr, Redux: Part the Second

Also known as “The post in which I do no mention the possibility that an Icelandic volcano is going to ruin my life  trip overseas next week.” 

Apparently in my last post when I said I’d be posting “in quick succession over the next few days,” I was big fat lying.  Sorry about that, good intentions and all.  So here it is, my Easter post.  Easter now feels like a million years ago and I feel a bit dumb posting this now instead of right after the fact, but this has not been a productive period for me so I’m just happy I’m getting around to it at all.  The last couple of weeks have been filled with trips to the hospital to see an ill relative,  other relatives visiting from out of town, a business trip for Erik, our third wedding anniversary, and some tentative planning for our upcoming trip to the UK (damn your eyes, Eyjafjallajokull).  

 It was our third wedding anniversary on the 14th of April.  I’m always amazed that people other than my husband remember it.  My uncle and cousin who were staying with me arrived with roses,  and phone calls and e-mails from other relatives and friends arrived too – altogether touching and unexpected.  Unfortunately the other half of this marriage spent our anniversary in sunny California without me on a work trip.  But there were gifties upon husband’s return, and good ones at that.  He found a bottle of one of my favourite perfumes, Star by BCBG Girls Max Azria, in a shop in San Diego.  This alone makes him a hero.  Incidentally, is there a universal rule that states that all favourite perfumes are destined to become impossible to find?   Anyone who has had a favourite scent discontinued will agree with me (and if any men are reading this they just fell asleep).  Erik also brought home a bottle of something new I wanted to try – Guerlain’s L’instant Magic, which  I discovered on the perfume blog The Scented Salamander.  I have never considered buying a perfume based only on a description, but after reading the perfume reviews on that site, particularly those written by Marie-Helene Wagner, I was completely beguiled by the idea of this perfume.  Marie-Helene’s writing is gorgeous and evocative and after reading her describe L’Instant Magic as having “fresh top notes and floral bouquet with the main addition of a delicious, very mellow and rich accord of almond marzipan with slightly grilled edges that brings a certain comforting and abstract gourmand quality to the scent while evoking the elegant texture of a vaporous muslin crinoline dress of the IInd Empire that could have been worn by Eugénie de Montijo,”  I thought that if it is good enough for an Empress, I suppose it’s good enough for me.  And she was right, it smells incredible, the kind of perfume that you can’t get enough of, that makes you want to take a bath in it, even though you know better.  I want to make some sort of French whore joke here, but really, I’m kind of okay with smelling like an expensive French whore.  Or an Empress who was married for love.

Where was I going?  Oh yes, Easter, that warm, sunny aberration of a weekend in early April.  This year I did all of my family’s Easter traditions for Abigail, including creating an Easter tree like my grandmother’s… 

A family tradition from my one for my daughter.


Dyeing Easter eggs with Abigail, what a joyful mess… 

Colourful eggs and colourful little fingers...


The Easter morning trail of foil-covered chocolate Easter eggs from her bedroom door down the stairs for her to collect on her way… 

Following the trail.


to presents from the Easter bunny…. 

New Friends


 At the end of the trail she found a favourite. 

Little lamb.


We had a lovely Easter dinner with Erik’s family, and spent a lot of the weekend outside, enjoying the sunshine.  Hope you did too. 


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