Posted by: mindyourknitting | May 3, 2010


You know how last spring I was a little over-enthusiastic about the arrival of good weather?  And, soon after, I was a bit perturbed by the bunny/bunnies that decided to wage war on my carefully planted annuals?  Well, folks, Mother Nature and her minions have decided to screw with me yet again this year, and I would herewith like to fervently object.  

I mentioned in my Easter post that we had ridiculously good weather over Easter weekend – like, thirty degree celsius weather (no, I don’t know what that is in Farenheit), and we were all running around like maniacs in our backyard in sandals and light clothing.  Oh, did I neglect to mention the “maniacs” part?  Well, we were, because winters, even mild ones like the one we had this year, can be cold and hard and long in Ottawa, and the arrival of summer-like temperatures and actual sunlight a whole couple months ahead of schedule is enough to make a hardened, embittered Ottawan (Ottawanite?  Ottawanian?  someone help me here) like me rejoice and get out the gardening gloves.  So I did.  And although that one glorious weekend was an oasis in an otherwise only slightly-nicer than usual Spring, it was enough to sustain me.  It was enough to sustain me, that is, until I woke up to this last week: 

Yes this was as bleak as it looks.

It's true, without the weather, Canadians would have nothing to talk about.

What the fresh hell was this?  And now the snow has melted but we’ve descended into the grey wetness that typically characterizes April – and I don’t really care if it’s good for the farmers, I wish people would stop reminding me of that.  Yeah, food source, local producers, blah, blah, blah.  Are you happy now, FARMERS?  It rained all morning today and now I have a crazy toddler to deal with.  Can she come plant some vegetables with YOU this afternoon??

Ahem.  Anyway, what’s worse is that my tulips and some other purple flowers I don’t remember planting got a good coating of wet, heavy snow last week, and the purple things I don’t remember planting cried uncle and died an ugly death. RIP.
Problem number two: Over the winter we would observe random rabbit tracks in the backyard, and the holes dug under our backyard shed and fence remained clear of snow.  In the spirit of neighbourliness we would occasionally put lettuce and carrots out in the backyard to help our backyard rabbits fight off seasonal scurvy.  I mean, the rabbits didn’t appear to be going anywhere, so we might as well make the best of it, right? 
But as Spring approached I began to think of what I could do to deter the rabbits from treating my flowers as a buffet again this year.  Two things happened last weekend to indicate that the bunnies might be experiencing a challenge to their dominance in our yard.  When I had Abigail out playing in our backyard a few days ago while I tended to some preliminary weeding, I saw a GIANT groundhog sprint (okay, waddle) across our lawn and dart (okay, squeeze) through the hole under our shed.  He  turned around and poked his head up through the hole, challenging me to say anything about this new tenant arrangement.  And then he gave me the finger.  My first thought was “holy crap that’s a big groundhog” soon followed by “uh oh, where are the bunnies?”  Since I have absolutely no concept of whether groundhogs are the natural predators of rabbits, and am too lazy to Google it, I can only assume one of two things happened.  Either the rabbits outgrew/ got tired of their digs and sublet it to the groundhog, or the rabbits were forcibly ousted by that fatass groundhog.  We spotted one of the bunnies in our backyard today, so maybe they’ve come to some sort of time-sharing agreement, but my backyard is getting awfully crowded with all the wildlife (but at least the bunnies had the decency to have their babies in the neighbours’ yard this year – although not all of them survived, thanks to the neighbour’s German Shepherd).  Someone suggested that we use dynamite firecrackers to blast the groundhog out of the rabbit warren, but what if we have bunny collateral damage?  Anyway, it’s getting a little Noah’s Ark around here, how is your Spring treating you so far?


  1. Trista, I think that purple thing is a hyacinth. Or, a dead bird, which is what I originally thought it was until a closer look assured me there were no feet.

  2. But on the bright side, maybe bunnies and groundhogs eat spiders, which would solve at least one of your problems! 🙂

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