Posted by: mindyourknitting | June 26, 2010

I swore I would never write about this…

When one has a blog that is open to the entire internet, one sometimes has occasion to pause at the idea of writing about certain topics.  There are things and events and people that I studiously and intently avoid writing about, because I value the placement of my head atop my neck.  And there are other things I won’t write about because I find it exceedingly annoying when other people write about them.  And yet I find that I must break my own rule today, because I need help.  I’m going to write about potty training.  Please forgive me.

We are planning to start potty  (and what a stupid word, “potty”, Abigail is perfectly capable of saying “toilet”) training  Abigail while we’re home on vacation in a couple of weeks, since we will have two solid weeks of at-home time to work on this.  She’ll be turning two on July 21st, and has been showing some of the ‘classic’ signs of being ready for training for a while now (interest in the toilet, telling us when her diaper is dirty and she needs a change, knowing ‘pee’ and ‘poo’, etc. – see, I told you this post would be obnoxious).  I’ve solicited advice from friends, and while it has been really helpful, it hasn’t cleared up what is to me the most important question.  How do we start?  We’ve had a couple of little potties miniature plastic toilets in our bathrooms for a while now, and Abigail identifies them as hers, seems to know what they are for, in theory, and will sit on them dressed or naked (without actually doing anything in them), and will also bring her dolls over for some potty-time, presumably when they feel the urge.  But she also does things like this with her potty:

Please excuse her Mountain Man hair, it was first thing in the morning and she was fresh out of the crib (moving her to a big girl bed is a whole other challenge we’re not dealing with at the moment.  She loves her crib, and we love that she loves her crib.  And she still takes a soother to bed – sometimes two, because you never know when a girl will need a spare.  Huh, I suddenly feel lighter and unburdened ). 

So how does one start the process?  Do I put big girl panties on her and hope for the best?  Let her run around nekked (as she would prefer) and steer her in the direction of the potty when I think she might be in need of it?  I’ve read up on the basics – use a reward system, ask frequently if they need to go, look for physical signs, be prepared for some accidents  (got that one covered), etc., etc.  I don’t know if it will work, and if it doesn’t I’m okay with her being in diapers a while longer because I’m not willing to push her on this, but we figure it’s time to give it a shot.   But how do we START??

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  1. Adam was a little stubborn so daycare just put him in underwear and let him have accidents. (better their floors than ours). And peer pressure from other slightly older kids is worth 1000 parents. In a couple weeks (and ALOT of laundry) later he went from flat out refusing to being in underwear, mostly accident free all day and he seems to appreciate that making it to the can is slot speedier than a diaper change or wardrobe change.

  2. I’ve heard really good things about the naked. And just ask her if she needs to go every fifteen minutes or so. I was potty trained on M&Ms.

  3. We have started it in the evening before bed as a ritual which seems to work. I run the water slightly while he is sitting and we read some books. He does not always go, but most of the time he does. I reward him with a huge kiss and Hug (I lame..) but he seems so proud when he goes and then he helps me flush it as well. I do ask during the day as well but it is up to him if he wants to use the potty or not. Anyways, that is what is working for us and we all know that each kid is different for sure. He does have moments like Abigail where he is standing it in but when he does he is told no very firmly. If he has accidents, I take him and put him right on the potty and show him where it should goes…It is so not easy though..down right frustrating at times to be honest!!

    Good luck!!

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