Posted by: mindyourknitting | August 7, 2010

And now she is two



  My little girl is two years old.  Two years have passed in a blink, and yet it feels like Abigail has been with us forever.  Our lives are so markedly different from what they were two or three years ago, and despite the challenges, sacrifices, and sleep deprivation, the joys and deep, heart-wringing love that have been our reward has made every single moment worthwhile.  My two-year old is a little tornado, a fiery, determined, vocal and verbal ball of energy who prefers to run instead of walk, and who wants to do everything for herself.  She is sweet and affectionate, and has been known to greet her father at the door with the words “Hi Dada, I need a hug.”  She wakes up in the morning with an enthusiastic “Good Morning!,” and that’s one of the best parts of my day.  When she gets out of the bathtub at night she asks her dad for a “toga,” and when her towel is wrapped smartly around her she penguin-walks out of the bathroom to see mama, who will do the rest of the bedtime routine.  She has just learned about “nose kisses” and now smooshes her face into mine at every opportunity.  She is wilful and insistent, and knows how to express her displeasure, but most of the day she is happy and engaging.  And she is so damn smart.  I am excited for her to have a brother or sister to share her days with, but I am also anxious, because our time with our singleton is limited.  She won’t be our only child for much longer, and I have treasured her being our only, our first. 

Chocolate Honey Cake with submerged fondant bees!


We celebrated her birthday, like last year, with two parties – one for family, one for friends.  This sometimes seems excessive to me (particularly when I am in the middle of baking two birthday cakes…  

3-tier Pink Lady Cake (strawberry cake with cream cheese icing)


…. or 48 Wonderpet-logo cupcakes


  …but I can’t figure out how to have a single party without it being the toddler equivalent of Lollapalooza, and I also firmly believe that birthdays, at least children’s birthdays, should be celebrated with a party every year, with no exception.  So she had two parties, and of course she got spoiled, but she had a wonderful time with family and friends, and the people who care most about her showed up to celebrate with us, and that’s what counts. 

Birthday Girl



  1. Happy Birthday Abigail! She is just so beautiful. And those cupcakes look fantastic.

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